Fred Williams

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 Pastor Fred L. Williams

A native of Florida, he's a husband and father.   As a young Methodist, Pastor Williams entered the Christian Ministry and served in (3) three of the United Methodist churches as an Associate Minister. He later worked as Director of Family Services in the same denomination an outreach of the churches.
Pastor Williams entered the corporate workforce at Jacksonville Bank N.A., there he worked as an indirect loan officer for many years. He left the banking field and returned to his fulfillment of ministerial work.
He joined the Missionary Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida and later served as Pastor in (3) three of the Baptist Churches. He also became the Bible Expositor for that district's Baptist Association.
God called Pastor Williams out of the Baptist denomination into Full Gospel non-denominational ministry hence was the beginning of Church of Faith-Full Gospel Ministries. At that time the membership consisted of 12 people.   These members' faithful in their services to God and as a result God blessed Church of Faith with a Church building in May 1995.        
CHURCH OF FAITH-FULL GOSPEL MINISTRIES, INC was founded in 1994 as part of the Vision of Rev. Fred L. Williams and Rev. Veronice L. Williams, his wife. The Vision of a FULL GOSPEL MINISTRY was birthed in him during the Pastor's ministry at Ebenezer Baptist Church in 1993.
Another part of the Church Vision was to start an Outreach Ministry whereby those who may be homeless, penniless or otherwise would be helped. This Outreach Ministry began in January 2001. And, after; much deliberation was named Re-Building the Total Person's Inc (RBTTP). Then in 2003, the church applied for and received the 501C3 designation, which helps with the administration of the Ministry.
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